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Mitpachat Headcovering
Yael Glory Headscarf
Yael Glory Headscarf
Yael Glory Headscarf
sinar tichel
tichel volumizer

Yael Glory Headscarf

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$ 61.90 USD
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$ 61.90 USD

For special occasion!
This is a marvelous Mitpachat Headcovering.
Gorgeous Black Gold Red Pink Brocade with stunning golden embroidery-sequins, flowers and pearls piece, it's highlight this wrap.
It is a work of art, looking for a unique host.

This Mitpachat Headcovering is a Scarf Tichel- a Large rectangle.

Size: 200/50 cm.

It can be tied in different ways...
The tying is easy, every binding is flattering.
This Mitpachat Headcovering is worn for covering all hair and can be folded to show some hair.
The fabrics are comfortable and has enough stiffness to be shaped on the head using different styles..

Our head covering will make sure you get lots of compliments!!!

*Easy On, Easy Off
*Top-quality fabrics
* Prettily wrapped
*Compliments guaranteed

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