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Zen and the Art of Sewing

One of the blessings of sewing is its meditative qualities.

In my hour long cocoon, my mind drifts and my heart rate slows down and I feel enveloped in methodical creativity.

Sometimes, it’s a chance to review and catch up with old friends (stored fabrics) and sometimes it’s an opportunity for new and exciting connections (repurposed findings, baubles and recreations), culled from surprising discoveries in the house. Sometimes, my sewing experience is the polar opposite of that, I have no time and no space to get anything done, but in between lunches, homework, laundry and cleaning I’ll succeed in pinning a quick seam or take a quick glance at my stash and plan my next steps.
Both of those investments define my full sewing experience, and it’s exciting and fun and an adventure in self discovery and creative expansion.

Most of all, my sewing is an act of love, for me, in my blossoming and ever unfolding initiative, and for others with whom I share my conception, visually (as I wear it) or physically, as gifts.

Not a small part of creating is simply the “fun” involved in every moment of the sewing process, as well as the magnificent satisfaction of birthing my creations.

There is nothing as healing as wearing something made by your own hand. Especially now, we all need that sense of progress and completion. Even if your “stuck” at home or choose not to go out, we can help.

Peruse our do-it-yourself patterns, that can be opened on your own computer or phone, and created from what you already own.

Treat yourself with ease and minimal effort; you deserve it.