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Sara Attali Design

Artistic expression is Sara’s first language.

The walls of her childhood home were covered with artwork created by Sara, her Mother and her Aunt. Even Sara’s doll play was an opportunity to create, Sara designed and sewed many of their clothes.

Oh the fun of considering fabrics, colors, textures and styles. Sara found her niche and the more she invested in her passion, the more her talent and expertise expanded. Fashion, quality and elegance melded into beautiful creations.

Sara’s marriage and six children, four of whom were girls, gave Sara a chance to expand her sewing talents further. 

Children grow, develop, bloom and blossom and Sara found herself designing head coverings to adorn the wedding party at her daughters' weddings.

Weddings flowed into years, since Sara’s daughters all requested unique hair coverings and adornments to match daily wardrobes, Sara gained a lot of practice; and her head coverings, a lot of exposure.  Soon the girls’ friends were requesting their own creative head wraps.

 It was time to build a professional forum for Sara’s personal art.

She started by sewing a line of clothing, but realized, as a one woman show, her energy was better spent focusing on designing and manufacturing head coverings with unique designs, colors and styles in a variety of sizes, all while maintaining the best quality fabrics and materials.

Sara constantly renews and adapts her styles so that every woman can find a head covering to compliment her style and to feel her best. Sara’s unique creations allow one to wear the same outfit multiple times, but fashion a different look each time, using new head gear. Changing your look has never been so refreshing and easy.

As Sara often says: “ Invest in a beautiful head covering and upgrade your whole look.”

Sara’s head coverings are not limited to those with special needs, they are created for every generation and every life event. Even if you do not usually cover your hair, just the right complimentary fashion statement can be found in Sara's Store. 

The head coverings and adornment clips are designed and sewn in Sara’s home in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City; no doubt this enhances her spiritual and creative endeavor.

Sara is so happy to share her love of creating with you, if you ever find yourself near her studio in the Old City, please contact her to arrange a visit and have the unique experience of purchasing your personally chosen gift, for yourself or another.

Sara looks forward to sharing with you.