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Brilliant Bobo Volumizer
Brilliant Bobo Volumizer
Brilliant Bobo Volumizer
Brilliant Bobo Volumizer

Brilliant Bobo Volumizer

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$ 49.90 USD
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$ 49.90 USD

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Introducing our new style of Bobo.
This is the best quality Volume based cap!
The fullness looks lovely and natural with any kind of head covering.

Simply place the Tichel Volumizer on your head before wearing your tichel and then tie the tichel over it!
The Tichel Volumizer is Excellent for wearing under any tichel, head scarf, wig, hair snood, pre tied bandana and more.
Whether you have short hair, long hair or no hair, this volume based hat is the perfect accessory for all your hair covering needs.

It has a slim look around the crown and, only, slight volume and weight in the back, ponytail area, made from velvet fabric that holds any type of head coverings without slipping.
It is perfectly designed to be worn alone, with a ponytail holder or wrapped with a small or any scarf.
The soft, non-slip fabric is so easy to wear, you will be impressed by its versatility.
Decorate it with an ornate headband, and it’s elegant enough for a night out.
This Bobo will be your “go-to“ undercover volumizer, so comfortable, you might forget to take it off at night.

Now you are ready to wear any head covering you want and look beautiful!.... Enjoy!

♥ Completes the voluminous look
♥ Very lightweight
♥ No-slip Headband attached
♥ Adjustable closure with buttons
♥ Available in Black (coming soon in White)

* Fast shipping
* Easy on easy off
* Top quality fabrics
* Machine wash cold
* Ships from Israel

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