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Magnolia Denim Headwrap
Magnolia Denim Headwrap
Magnolia Denim Headwrap

Magnolia Denim Headwrap

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$ 44.90 USD
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$ 44.90 USD

Unique Sweet Sparkle Denim Headband decorated with little Green pompom handmade "Mitpachat" (Head Covering, Scarf, Tichel), fashionable and so comfortable.
Can be wrap once ,two or three times around your head!

This "Mitpachat" is worn for show some hair.

The fabrics are comfortable and made from original & soft quality cotton.
ThIs particular mitpachat is shaped like a bandana and is easier to tie, its very comfortable and very popular.
This basic bandana/scarf can be worn every day or on shabbat, its the perfect hair covering headband and mitpachat.

Size: 200cm./20cm. (80'x8')

Do you like the Hair Pin ?

You will not regret purchasing this creation of elegant, understated beauty.

* Handmade
* Easy On, Easy Off
* Top-quality fabrics
* Prettily wrapped
* Compliments guaranteed