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Velvet Mousse Volumizer
Velvet Mousse Volumizer
Velvet Mousse Volumizer
Velvet Mousse Volumizer
Velvet Mousse Volumizer
Velvet Mousse Volumizer
Velvet Mousse Volumizer

Velvet Mousse Volumizer

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$ 49.90 USD
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$ 49.90 USD

The latest in the collection of Volumizers, Boubous!

This new Mousse Volumizer elegantly provides all over volume for any headscarf, in width as well as above the head on the crown.
There is no need to wrap the Boubou into the needed shape, it comes ready to wear! Absolutely non-slip, any, and all fabrics will sit securely in place.
Available in Black. One Size fits all. Securely closes in back using buttons that attach to adjustable elastic buttonholed strips.

This Mousse Volumizer is so beautiful, you will be tempted to wear it as is, without the addition of a Tichel over it. Go for it!!!!!
Made completely from soft velvet material, this hat can carry itself as an elegant compliment to any outfit you are wearing; add a pin and you are even ready for a wedding.

All in one hat!
Features: Anti-Slip Headband, Volume all around the cap, as well as volume on the crown.
The fabric is comfortable and made from soft quality material.

The Mousse Volumizer hat is worn as a regular hat...
Place the Mousse Tichel Volumizer on your head before wearing your tichel, then tie your tichel over it.
The tichel Volumizer is Excellent for wearing under any tichel, head scarf, wrap, wig, snood, pre tied bandanas and more.
Whether you have short hair, long hair or no hair, this volumizer will fulfill a need for you.
This base hat is the perfect accessory for all your hair covering needs, and is elegant enough to be worn alone.
Now, you are ready to wear any head covering you want and look beautiful!.... Enjoy!

Adds a lovely and natural fullness to all types of headcoverings!
Does not slide around your head, sits securely in place all day!
No need to use Anti-Slip with it!
The perfect solution that everyone has been waiting for!!

♥ Very lightweight
♥ Makes beautiful volume
♥ No-slip Headband attached
♥ Hook at loop adjustable closure.
♥ One size fits all
♥ Available in white & Black
♥ Machine wash cold

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